The weirdest/best moments of Strokes at Arlene Grocery on April 29th, 2000. [x]


Deep inside we’re all the girl in the 11th Dimension music video

  • Other talents: able to type the name julian casablancas in less than three seconds
  • Howard Stern: So you grew up in Manhattan? Where did you go to one of those fancy schools?
  • Julian: Uuuu I guess so, went to Dwight.
  • Stern: Dwight, I don't know what that is.
  • Stern: Are you getting any celebrity poon are you still with that girlfriend?
  • Julian: Uuuu, I'm still with the girlfriend.
  • Stern: But you can screw around I hope.
  • Julian: Uuuu if she says so
  • Stern: Let me hear a little bit of your music, hold on a second
  • Julian: Ehh it sucks man, don't bother
  • Stern: Your music sucks?
  • Julian: Yeah
  • Stern: Let me hear it
  • Julian: Don't waste your time on that.
  •  Oh Julian, you will never realize that you are a musical genius


ah ye smy favorite band the storkes: nicky vaseline, febreeze spaghetti, julio casnablacna, nico light fixture, and gilbert slammin jr


Nick Valensi and Julian Casablancas- then and now

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A little rant about a man who abused his (ex) girlfriend - Trigger warning

Two years ago my friend told me about a man from her island (where she lives in Norway, it’s a secluded area where everyone knows everyone) who had recently beaten up his girlfriend. I was shocked at the time and I still am when I think back on it, for several reasons. Trigger warning, this is terrible. 

The 25 year old man had, according to his (ex) girlfriend, started to hit her after they moved in together. As we all know women who are victims of domestic abuse are afraid to tell others about it, fearing their partner will kill them. She told the court he had once hit her with such force she couldn’t eat, and another time he had choked her out of jealousy. They had been on a boat once (very common to have one out here) and he had hit her and torn all her clothes apart. Another time he had dragged her by the hair across the tarmac after leaving a restaurant. 

But, none of this compares to the incident that happened two years ago. The man had returned from a party and got angry for some reason and ran after her around the house, hitting her legs until she fell on the bed, where he repeatedly hit her. She tried to call for help, but the man grabbed her phone and snapped it in half. He then urinated in a glass and poured it over her. She asked him for something to drink at some point and he went to the bathroom and filled up a glass with toilet water, which he then poured into her mouth making her swallow it. This resulted in the woman throwing up several times. At some point during all of this he had also grabbed the steel pipe from the vacuum cleaner and hit her several times with it, before he dragged her to one of the children’s (hers, not his) bedrooms and put her on the mattress. 
Later, he helped her up and put her in the shower to get the urin off her, before driving her to the ER and telling the nurses she had fallen into a brick wall. He asked to be notified when she had been seen and left. 
The woman was so badly beaten it was impossible to test her for sexual activities, but she claimed in court he had raped her, as well as beating her up. When the trial took place, 1 year and 3 months later, she was still unable to work. She spent three months in a rehab facility and needed help to do everyday activities.

The man was sentenced to six years in prison and on top of that he has to pay the woman 250 000 NOK ($40,250) in damages. Despite this, one year after the sentence was given, he’s still not in prison. This man is walking around freely and I see him at my gym constantly. He goes to parties with my friends and no one seems to be bothered by what he did to his girlfriend. Another friend of mine who knows him told me he hasn’t lost any friends, instead they treat him like they always have, like he’s a good person who deserves a second chance. A lot of them, including one of my close friends, talk about how his ex-girlfriend was a terrible person; they claim she lied about the rape, that she was a “bitch” and that she was generally horrible. But, instead of excluding him from their lives they have decided to remain friends with him and chose to shame her for being a terrible person. They add, in a by-sentence, that it was a terrible thing he did, but always stress “she was really terrible and she lied about the rape.” 

I, for one, do not understand why he hasn’t been sent to prison yet. There are long queues in Norway just like in other countries, but violent criminals should be locked up before anyone else (except rapists and murderers and pedophiles). This man beat his girlfriend up so badly she couldn’t function for months and he will do it again. Domestic abusers don’t do it once and then suddenly stop. They will keep on doing it and a lot of the time. In the US more than three women are killed every day by their abusive partner, yet we continue to ignore this. 85% of domestic abuse victims are women. Yet, I have to listen to people say “Yeah, but women hit their male partners, too!”. Yes, they do, but only 15% of the victims are men, against a raging 85% of women. For as long as we continue to ignore this, men who beat their partners will be excused and forgiven, because the blame is put on the woman. “She was a bitch!” “She was really mean!” “She pissed him off all the time!” “She should have left him!” 

A man I see all the time beat his girlfriend with a metal pipe from a vacuum cleaner and permanently made her disabled. He is living life whilst she is living in fear. Where’s the justice in that?


He looks so fine!

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Julian Casablancas & The Voidz - Estereo Picnic 2014